Content Services systems explained


Are you looking to revolutionize your enterprise content management (ECM)? That’s where Content Services platforms come in. Based on a suite of transformation-inspired solutions, these platforms help you ditch paper-based processes and automate them with digital repositories. The goal is to maximize efficiency within your business and beyond.

Traditional ECM systems were substituted with a set of tools integrated within product suites or as separate applications that share common APIs, Line of Business connectors, and packaged integrations. With the help of AI in the form of Machine Learning, all of these enhance productivity and user experience with a focus on cloud technology and mobility, enabling innovative practices.

Content Services from Intalio ensures optimal information governance through a fully-featured, AI-powered set of services employing the latest technologies and transforming the way enterprises incorporate their content. Our system revolutionizes content capture, information management, storage, and analytics processes to provide a comprehensive and reliable ECM platform.

A Modern Content Life-Cycle Management

A wide variety of tools and solutions creating an automated flow of documents and information.

Feature-rich enterprise content management solutions

Data Capture

Implement an automated content capture process using an interactive approach for ad-hoc content capture or bulk scanning of numerous paper documents.
Automate the whole process through automatic identification, registration, and classification of files and documents.
Convert textual data to machine readable and editable text through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.
Associate different content to respective files in your digital content management system.
Integrate with third-party LOB applications or custom-developed APIs.

Document Management

Eliminate disparate, repetitive, and ineffective processes by gaining a 360-degree view of the documents within your organization. Our enterprise content management software has it all to streamline your workflows.
Build a digital strongbox to capture, store, and retrieve documents.
Use many filing and categorization options, including machine learning and rule-based classification, to organize your content.
Gather and analyze the metadata of your documents to tie them to appropriate aggregations.
Manage your content using our web-based system, your smartphone, or tablet.
Instantly locate any document with easy-to-navigate folders and search options.

Digital Assets Management

Leverage more features in the Intalio enterprise content management system software by opting for our DAM solution. It sets up a unified place to manage your digital assets, including media files, to ensure cross-departmental collaboration.
Centralize the way you work with digital assets, irrespective of the sources and channels they come from.
Organize and categorize your digital assets enterprise-wide.
Never lose any asset with our Data Enrichment tools, designed for AI-driven search and classification.
Simplify the way you use and distribute digital assets with automated workflows and Intalio’s integrated APIs.

Records Management

Collect, share, and track your enterprise records while granting access to authorized team members and ensuring compliance. The Intalio Records Management module makes a perfect addition to our electronic content management system.
Be on the safe side with Public Key Infrastructure as you ensure records security and manage access settings.
Implement records retention schedules that work for your organization and external policies.
Keep vital records and dispose of unnecessary ones according to your own disposition rules.
Adopt a cradle-to-grave approach to track your records while knowing nothing is lost with accurate audit trails and on-demand reports.

Benefits of the Intalio Content Services platform


Seamless Collaboration

Advanced content sharing features through an embedded universal viewer.

View and comment on a large number of content types and formats.
Improve decision making and productivity using configurable graphical dashboards.
Allow instant access to remote workers.
Offer an advanced executive experience through a global view on content and tasks for management and decision-making purposes.
Benefit from native SharePoint connectors.

Information Governance

Flexible and intelligent solution allowing you to use, control, retain, and dispose of enterprise information.

Combine content-centric and process-centric governance functionalities.
Support long-term content lifecycle management.
Protect your information from loss or misuse.
Prevent information overload.

Search and Analytics

Optimize your information lifecycle management through real-time and in-depth analytics.

Extract and identify critical content, patterns, and recurring trends.
Exploit large volumes of content, formats, and sources in the unified content management service platform.
Benefit from dynamic and federated search capabilities.
Interpret targeted strategic information with ease.