Make better use of your content and operate efficiently throughout your entire organization.
Gain easy access to all your documents at any stage of the content life-cycle.

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Scalable Document Management System


Assuming full control over the files and information within any institution is essential to streamline all processes. Intalio Document Management system offers a scalable, customizable, and fully-features solution allowing enterprises to enhance their procedures. From capture and imaging to processing, storage, and ultimately publishing, you can now easily build a unified content repository.

Organizing all your documents and making them effortlessly accessible will undoubtedly improve your workflow. This will result in efficient task management which in turn reduces costs and save time.

Intalio Document Management Software Features

Document Capture

Add paper and electronic documents to the storage catalog with ease using integrated tools within the Intalio Document Management system. Upload content while maintaining integrity, security, and quality.

Use and integrate a web scanning tool compatible with all types of scanners.
Capture all types of electronic documents.
Contribute documents directly to the content repository from designated applications using one seamless content creation environment.
Import large amounts of content using the built-in and automated Bulk import tool.

Filing and Categorization

Define content profiles using their metadata fields in order to increase content usability throughout the entire lifecycle.
Capture metadata values and associate them to content aggregations.
Organize content in filing plans according to advanced security and access rights.
Categorize your content with ease using both machine learning and rule-based automatic classification.
Eliminate the need for manual and repetitive creation of similar folders using a pre-defined filing structure.

Browser-Based Collaboration

Intalio© Document Management system offers visual navigation allowing end users to view, access, and work with content without the need to install any client application.

Access content directly from the web, mobile devices, and tablets.
Manage content with ease using embedded document editing and conversion tools.
Benefit from an advanced document viewer that seamlessly integrates with authoring applications (Microsoft Office or others).
Integrate with desktop and productivity tools for an intuitive user experience.

Advanced Search

Locate any piece of information efficiently using the Intalio Document Management system. Reduce time and effort when searching for valuable documents within your library.
Access information stores easily with a hierarchical folder structure and advanced navigation.
Perform basic, advanced, and full text search.
Index all textual and image content using integrated OCR capabilities which convert pictures to text documents.
Search metadata associated with stored content.
Support full range of Boolean operators including AND, OR and NOT.
Narrow down the search by looking up for information within search results, customize and save your queries.