Intelligent Data Processing System


The vast majority of data exists in documents and files which are composed of various components in non-readable formats such as images, biometric data, videos, and more. Intalio Data Processing software offers a powerful modeling engine combined with a set of advanced AI tools to easily streamline the data detection and conversion processes.
Intalio Data Processing System is a comprehensive solution allowing users to implement intelligent recognition techniques to distinguish specific types of content and later on transform them into exploitable and beneficial data.



Segmentation Tools

Identify and separate various components within a digital document to extract useful content such as text, images, sounds, speech, and more.

Separate text from images in digitized paper documents.
Define and extract biometric data such as fingerprints, faces, and number plates from images.
Collect and convert speeches in movies and videos to exploitable formats using speech to text tools.
Extract text, photos, and machine readable zones in passports and ID cards in order to transform them into readable text.
Capture attributes from professional images compliant with the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) protocol.

Intelligent Recognition Tools

Turn the most complex data into useful information using AI capabilities. Apply various recognition techniques to content in various formats.

Convert scanned images to editable text files.
Detect and separate text and faces from images, video frames, and biometric documents.
Detect and identify objects from documents, videos, or images.
Capture and recognize faces and analyze emotions.
Use optical character recognition on images to read vehicle registration plates.
Convert voice notes from recordings into an understandable text with helpful tags.

Coding and Tagging Tools

Collect entities such as names, locations, phone numbers, and more from readable text to use them as key attributes in automated indexing, linking, as well as search and analytics of processed documents.

Combine advanced predictive coding technology and Subject Matter Expert (SME) review on random samples to maximize accuracy.
Classify and organize entities in pre-defined categories.
Identify the language used in documents.
Validate extracted content using dictionaries or specific line of business algorithms.
Transliterate names from and to English, French, and Arabic.