Public Sector

Introduce the latest technologies in public sector institutions.
Create a positive impact on citizens, businesses, and entire societies.

In a perpetually advancing world, the demand on mobility, flexibility and efficiency is ever-growing. Digital transformation has become the cornerstone of successful organizations within the private sector and it’s rapidly growing in the public domain as well. Leveraging the newest technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics allows public sector organizations to optimize their services which in turn improves the lives of their citizens.

Intalio© solutions for the public sector and governments gives citizens personalised experiences. They understand and respond to individual needs and help maintain a relationship over time. Public Sector organizations as well as governmental institutions are becoming more agile as they are continuously automating their processes and implementing modern digital strategies. Governments are automating thei Government to government (G2G), government to business (G2B), or government to citizen (G2C) operations allowing end-users to leverage an all-inclusive solution to benefit from e-services like company registration, auditing, as well as contracts, violations, strategy management, and many more.

With Intalio, Public Sector and Governmental organizations can contribute to a better future that allows individuals to grow and thrive within a connected ecosystem that ensures higher productivity and a collaborative workflow.

Building an Intelligent Public Sector


Digitize Your Processes

Ensure faster and easier collaboration between agencies and departments to directly benefit to every person seeking any public service.


Improve Your Services

Benefit from state-of-the-art tools that help public sector institutions provide high-quality solutions and derive valuable data in the process.

Build Trust

Create better customer engagement through secure procedures and comprehensive solutions to earn the trust of your citizens.



Electronic Auditing

Facilitate and accelerate the auditing process and easily submit results to stakeholders all from the same platform. Organize the preparation of annual and third-annual plans in addition to carrying out field missions.
Automate services and procedures between the auditing bureau and designated parties.
Manage the tasks of auditors and ensure adequate implementation.
Collect, organize, and share the needed documents.
Archive data using the highest security standards and easily access information.
Create reports and provide statistical indicators to stakeholders.

Company e-Registration

Leverage all the needed functionalities to record and manage the information of legal entities quickly and seamlessly. Add different types of organizations in one comprehensive register.
Register, update, and terminate various types of legal entities.
Collect relevant information about any company using advanced searching functionalities.
Generate and share printable reports.
Exchange data easily between different departments or institutions.
Support local and central working approach for different users.

Violations Management

Create, process, and validate violations from a unified platform. Standardize all procedures using all the tools and components you need. Manage incoming requests and liaise with relevant government entities.
Add and maintain information in a centralized violations registry.
Handle all applications from start to finish using a secure and consistent solution.
Circulate violations within the management system according to its pre-defined lifecycle.
Search for entities, violations, and other data registered within the system.
Design and automate workflows related to various types of violations.
Track each document and check the status of different services.

Strategy Management

Set and manage the strategic goals and initiatives of the state departments to ultimately implement a specific vision. Create a repository containing all your strategies and link them to their projects.
Create and update new departments, goals, initiatives, and projects.
Connect different departments along with their specific initiatives and projects.
Create a project through an automated process based on a clear and defined workflow.
Benefit from advanced search to look up the needed information.
Monitor your data from a comprehensive dashboard.
Define authorized personnel and their roles on the system to support data security.

Contracts Management

Control the process of creating and managing contracts, from initial proposal to closure. Benefit from an all-inclusive workspace containing all the needed components and information.
Digitize the contract request process to reduce the required time and effort.
Automate the contract creation process to minimize human error.
Make use of pre-defined templates to populate the contract details.
Advanced search mechanism to reach any item in the contract.
Provide automated notifications and alerts for renewals or delivery dates.
Ensures compliance with internal and external regulations.